Emerging Theatre Companies

Company one; Solo production by

Adrian Laurentiu

Becuase of the pandemic, these productions were
delievered as in class assessments.

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Company two; An Eight Cast Ensemble

Kaan Izmen, Matthew Flowers, Nathan Harvey, Jon Havstein,

Hayley Stevens, Christian Tate, Lauren Taylor, Mihnea Zamfirescu

Becuase of the pandemic, these productions were
delievered as in class assessments.

Q&A with the cast

Liberté Theatre Company

We are an online based theatre company focusing on one-woman plays in an array of genre’s, so there is something for all audiences to enjoy whether it is drama or comedy. We also enable audiences to continue to watch theatre during the pandemic, as well as in the future, once this has passed, enable those that don’t have the access or capability of physically going to live performances.

Physical Theatre

Physical Theatre pieces created by students this year were inspired by various themes: feelings of isolation during lockdown; a response to the murder of Sarah Everard; and the piece shown here which is a modern reading of Peter Pan.

Applied & Socially Engaged Drama

A selection of student work looking at the key principles, practices, and theories within the field of applied and socially engaged drama.

Site Performance

Site specific performance created by second year students

exploring place and presence in and around SE London


Created in 2006 by Jorge Lopes Ramos and Persis Jade Maravala, the ​DRIFT International is an intensive professional development programme for emerging artists. This intensive residency setting provides tools for multi-disciplinary collaboration, opportunities for personal development and experimentation with local audiences.