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Mercury Fur is set in a post-apocalyptic version of Londons East End, where gang violence and drugs - in the form of hallucinogenic butterflies - terrorise the community. The protagonists are a gang of youths surviving by their wits. They deal the butterflies, selling them to their addicted customers from locations such as the now burnt out British Museum.


Their main source of income, however, is holding parties for wealthy clients in which their wildest, most amoral fantasies are brought to life.

Mercury Fur

Philip Ridley

Suitable for 16 yrs and over // contains explicit language and adult content

More Light

Bryony Lavery

Determined to be remembered, China's first emperor orders the construction of a dazzling sepulchre, a work of art complete with a ceiling of jeweled stars, quicksilver rivers and a floor that is a map of his world.


When the emperor dies, his concubines are immured alive in the mausoleum with him. Used only to dining royally, the starving women soon come up with an ingenious way of staying alive.  


Mercury Fur

4th, 5th May

More Light

18th, 19th May

7:30pm at Bathway Theatre, Woolwich

Bathway Theatre

The Old Baths

Bathway, Woolwich

SE18 6QX