Love and information

Caryl Churchill

"Sometimes people want information, sometimes that information is dangerous, or unreliable. Sometimes people want to remember, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes you are left searching for meaning, and sometimes you just can’t respond. Information can be creative yet destructive, but sometimes there is just not enough love and too much information. And that is just what we need to work out."


- Laura Louise Brooks, Director



"I want to play to be enjoyable, yet moving. Not just at the obvious moments, but by giving every character their moment to shine Cartwright gave every character depth and emotion that I would like to honour. By setting the play in the 1980's when it can be easily moved in to modern day Britain gives the audience chance to reflect on then and apply it to the now, but also if we moved it to 'now' I think some of the message of the play would be lost. This is a definite 'we hate Thatcher' play, but it is something more too. It's saying, we may be down, but not out. It's quite a positive play when you look at the bigger picture. That's what I want the audience to see! All these characters are brilliant in their own way. " 


- Georgie Golding, Director

Jim Cartwright

Red Noses


"Darkly comic, Peter Barnes' Red Noses tells the tale of Father Flote and his travelling troupe trying to bring joy and laughter to a plague ravaged world, full of death and trauma. When the plague descends the playing field is levelled, questions are raised; where do people turn to when the world is cracked underside up? When it no longer matters if your are the richest, smartest man in the land or the poorest person, how does society function? What do you do when you could be dead by the end of your sentence?"


- Tom Barker, Director

Peter Barnes

red noses


"After a Rhinoceros is spotted charging through the town square, Berenger thinks nothing of it. However, soon after, rhinoceroses begin popping up everywhere- It is then that Berenger's whole world begins to crumble. Will he be able to stand up against the rhinoceroses and what is this strange case of rhinoceritis?"


- Terry Harvey, Director

Eugene Ionesco

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