The Winter's Tale

William Shakespeare

This production will feature an all female cast, and apply contemporary theatre practices in costume, staging, lighting and sound. After our run in Bathway we will transfer to The Queen’s House, part of the Royal Museums Greenwich, with a promenade adaptation.


The cast and creative team are working together to create performances that give the classical text a fresh and modern feel. From puppetry to physical theatre we wish to take our audiences on a compelling and fantastical journey.


We are all from different walks of life, backgrounds and cultures, we have come together to produce this play. We have learnt so much along the way, in regards to each other and ourselves. In out rehearsals we have had fun creating and learning different styles and techniques to do certain scenes and we all don’t want it to end!


This process has had a huge impact on out lives as we have gained a through and deeper emotional understanding and experience has been awesome, developing different ways in which to format the play to make it stand out and be totally different from the original but also sticking to the themes and the genre of the play.


We all have a passion for drama and have been studying it for a while,and hope to do so after out final year. The play has made us aware of out society and how the school system works and the underlying issues of class and racism within the black community in South London.

vivenne Franzmann

Earthquakes in London

First performed in 2010 at the National Theatre, Mike Bartlett’s Earthquakes in London tackled a vast number of current issues including; the newly formed coalition government, airport expansion, global warming and has remained hugely relevant to the current political and environmental situation.


To begin the rehearsal process the company spent a number of weeks work-shopping the various issues found in the play, we were able to gain a wider understanding, allowing the actors to find the issues that mattered most to them and their characters and apply them to their performance. It has always been hugely important to the company that the production remains a collaborative process, with both actors and the creative team working together to share ideas and skills to create much of the abstract imagery featured in the play.

Mike Barlett

Attempts on her Life


Martin Crimp

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Elephant's Graveyard

In our company's production of Elephant’s Graveyard we aim to convey the unusual true story of what happened to a circus elephant named Mary in Erwin, Tennessee 1916. Through the means of storytelling from a selection of fictional witnesses varying from engineers, religious preachers, men of the law, children and circus folk we will generate a performance that will not only enlighten audiences with a fresh take on storytelling, but will also inspire an introspective response to the actions that happened.


Our company is interested in exploring the use of ensemble theatre and this production in particular relies greatly on the presence of group mentalities and how opposing social groups can clash with striking consequences. As a company we will recreate the period of 1916 Erwin and the proceedings that led up to such a memorable event, an incident that still echoes now, a century later.

George Brant

‘Attempts on her life' is an unusual and challenging play, in that it is made up of seventeen separate ‘scenarios’ with no over-arching plot; not only that but within each scenario there is no specified setting or dramatic situation and no named characters. All the cast and crew have to work with is the dialogue.


Our approach has been to experiment with settings and situations to see what might fit each different scene. Given that what the playwright has provided us with is entirely verbal, our focus has been to ensure that the performance is dynamic, varied and visually stimulating.


In addition, we aim to provide a sense of clarity and coherence so that our audiences can fully engage with the sometimes complex ideas explored in the play. We want the audience to focus on Anne, the play’s absent central character, and through her to consider the world we are living in, a world that is full of problems, contradictions and people finding ways to live with them.

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