Set in Britain in 2086, civilisation has dwindled since our time, and society has become corrupted; now censored and controlled entirely by its government. After an epidemic causes global hysteria, with people in their thirties dropping dead by the minute, three teenagers; Jasper, Gracie and Nina, set up a research group in their sixth form, desperate to know more information about the oxygen implant that everyone has had placed in their neck from birth, since its first introduction in 2052. Believing the implant has a link to the spreading virus, they enlist the aid of their fellow classmates; Pip, Raff, Tommy and Ellis.

Following this, a group of scientists are arrested for publishing a paper suggesting the epidemic was falsified by the government, to cover up that the oxygen implant malfunctions and causes sudden death after just thirty years.

Society is split, with the majority following the government blindly, meanwhile the group of young people are sure the deaths are too coincidental. They turn to Ben, in the hopes that his familial connection to the local council will help to make their voices heard. After great persuasion, Ben is convinced into meeting with the council, and consequently the group are given a month to find an alternative solution to the implant.

Amidst school pressures, relationship issues, mental health and all the troubles of being seventeen, the group discover that the answer to saving humanity and replenishing the oxygen levels in the atmosphere, is simply to restore the damage mankind has done to the planet. Ben admits shortly after that he lied to the group about meeting with the council to gain their friendship, and so the group must start from scratch on their journey to convincing the government to listen to them.

This journey however is short-lived, when their hopes are dashed by a statement from the government, which reminds the group that they are young, powerless teenagers, and that the government do not have the money or time to replenish the eco-system, nor are they willing to care, as their generation shall be dead before they are affected.

As the play draws to an end, the group reflect upon the fact that they all have only twelve years or so left to live, and feel betrayed by their predecessors, who chose to remain apathetic and not do something with the information surrounding climate change and global extinction, that was available to them before the government censored the extent of the planet’s destruction. The play ends with a plea from Jasper, who begs the audience to act now, before it is too late, both in his time and in ours. He urges that if the people who understand the threat and panic, no matter if they are the minority, all stand up together then change can and will happen.

The Bathway Theatre Company is cast from students and recent alumni of the BA Hons Drama